You may be wondering why we have started this blog and what is the motivation behind starting it?

Well! The reason which motivated us to start this blog is that digital marketing is vast and it takes a lot of time for a learner to follow all blogs. We act as an aggregator of all digital advertising related information and organize it in one place i.e, Linx Blog.

Here, we provide monthly roundups related to SEO, Ad words, Facebook Paid marketing, Social Media all under this one place. You may not need to follow multiple other once you subscribe to this one. We will provide entire summary updates of evolution happening in all aspects of digital advertising strategies.

We are a digital marketing company in Bangalore aiming to help with an information starting from basics to very advanced level to make a leader. Beyond this, if you got stuck, then mail us to get help from us in person.

If you are not able to apply our strategies after all attempts, we have lending services, where we will personally work for your project at some charges.

Subscribe and stay tuned to get all the updates. All the best! Happy Digital Blogging!